How this site got it’s name…

One particularly stressful night with my colicky newborn this past Fall, I tried to sneak out of his room only to find that his door had an obnoxious squeak.  As luck would have it, he stayed asleep through the offensive noise (phew) for at least a few hours.  When you are sneaking out ninja style, the last thing you want is a door to be your downfall!  But… that’s not really how this site got it’s name, it’s just the start of the story.  So, let me get into the meat of it.

I asked my Dad to bring up some WD-40 since we were all out at our house to eliminate said squeak.  Let’s be real, getting to the store with 2 kids in tow is not always the most fun.  And with my hubby and I both working full-time in addition to parenting 2 kiddos, and a fur baby,  needing WD-40 for a squeak is not at the forefront of our minds.   Luckily,  my semi-retired Dad came through and remembered my request when  my Mom and him came up to hang out with us and the grand kids (OK really, the grand kids, we know we don’t rate anymore).

Any who as my Dad walks in and asks me what we needed it for, my Mom had the strangest reaction.  She couldn’t believe that I would need something fixed in my house.  I was like.. huh?  She elaborated with a worried, “Why would your doors squeak?  Is the house settling?” and so on, needing a reason that the house was not up to expectations!    She was quite perplexed that anything could possibly be wrong with her daughter’s home and through further discussion it became apparent, from her perspective… my life in general.  Through her lens, outside of us being a little tired, my life and the life of my hubby and kids was “picture perfect.”

Now, you may be wondering why this stuck in my head and I didn’t write it off as a typical Mom-ism.   I shall explain further.  I had posted a photo of the Fam and me on Facebook a few days prior, and an acquaintance who had never been to my home commented “Do you have a white picket fence too?” It had stuck in my head as a bit snarky and with the conversation that ensued with my Mom, I felt compelled to share my feelings on the  perception of others.

I admit, I have been guilty in the past of making snap judgement calls when viewing a Facebook post/ photo, visiting someone’s home, seeing families on vacation..etc…my mind would fill with thoughts like “Oh they must have the perfect life.”  Luckily, I had a wake up call a few years ago, an epiphany of sorts, where I seemed to grow up a bit and realize that NO ONE has a perfect life.  Fairy tales exist in stories, not in real life.  I am not being a Debbie downer on life by any means, I am grateful for each day I wake up, spending with my kids, family and friends… but my naivety from the past has gone to the wayside.   Therefore, I couldn’t quite grasp how anyone could think of someone they know or see pictures of and decide their life must be just peachy.  I mean,come on, don’t we all have a few squeaks to work out?  And if we’re lucky, there are a few that we need a little WD-40 and all is well again, right?  OK, yes… but realistically, those are few and far between!  We are all facing each day with challenges and some will be very visible and easy to fix and some well, some really aren’t fixable.  And just because someone you know may post a pic on social media that screams happiness, you really do not know what’s going on with them, so now I try to now live by the old saying: it’s best not to assume because.. well you know the rest :).

Therefore, in closing on my first post, I decided to start writing again to share my ‘squeaks’ in hope that others out there can relate, share, empathize more, and cut each other a break!

For whoever lays eyes on this post .. hang in there and check back in anytime!





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