The Best Perspective

Do you remember back to when you were a kid and what life was like?  How you viewed the world? Getting to relive that time is one of the things I love most about kids, their perspective on life. They’re so curious to see the world, to touch and feel and see and smell all kinds of things. They get excited for the ordinary stuff that as an adult I realize I take for granted. Like a new notebook or an eraser, who remembers being so overjoyed at receiving an eraser?!

Beyond their general excitement and curiosity, their resilience is amazing. They can have a whopper of a fight and five minutes later they are hugging you and apologizing, and believe giving you a kiss will make it all better. They can be hurt or excluded by one friend and find happiness with another one.  When did we lose that ability?  When did the answer change from a simple apology and a kiss, to a grudge?

We walk around mad or aggravated at people often. Or I should say, at least I do. I try my best at those times to channel some positive feelings, but it definitely is a struggle.  A decent amount of adult life seems to be dedicated to working through complex emotions, trying not to take things so personally, and realizing there’s a lot more to life.

To continue on this path for my own mental health, I recently started a challenge that I read about in Forbes.  The goal is to write down 3 positive things per day for 45 days. Lucky for me a few of my buddies are joining in. Today is day 1, and as my family and I are sitting in a ton of traffic on the way to Philly, I gotta admit that my mind is resisting.  Rather than complain I thought, OK, some now that I have some down time, work on a blog post!  My little man is just content as can be taking in the world through the window, and my little lady has been happily playing with the same toy and watching a movie.  No one is screaming, we actually remembered to pack snacks (Yay us!), and the world could be a lot worse today.  So I am holding on to a few moments of peace and doing something I enjoy… not too shabby.

And in closing, I thought this quote was perfect for being stuck in traffic 😊😬.  Leaving you with the hope we can all take a few moments to appreciate what’s around us.  To slow down, enjoying the bits of peace we get, and find something to be curious about today.



4 thoughts on “The Best Perspective

  1. “Trying not to take things so personally” has been one of my biggest goals for the last couple of years and it really forces me to think beyond myself-. Maybe the person who cut me off wasn’t just trying to be a jerk to me, but genuinely didn’t see me or google maps rerouted at the last second–because that has never happened!! 😉 Your post was a good reminder as I pack up to commute through city traffic back home 😛

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