How your hobbies can free you

I mentioned a class I attended a few weeks ago in my last post The Family Mission Statement.  In that same class, a discussion about hobbies was a main focal point.  In particular, that best part about a hobby is that it can be nurtured when you are in the mood, or could be left aside for when you just aren’t feeling it.  And there in lies the appeal of having a hobby, the freedom of choice.

So during our class discussion on hobbies, our instructor gave us a tip on handling our  emotions.  She noted that if we decide to make people our hobby, you can shift your mindset.

I gotta say, I was blown away by this concept.  If I could adopt this practice, my general tendency toward feistiness might just diminish.  As someone seeking peace and calm vs. pandemonium, it was worth a shot.

Now by no means am I in a zen-like state over this change in my thinking, but I have seen a vast improvement in my general reactions to others, especially at work… at home it’s a bit difficult to regard little beings who rely on you for survival as a hobby 😊.

Why not give it a try?

Adopt as your hobby and add some cues around to remind yourself to let go….put that hobby down when you need to and pick it when you are ready to enjoy it again.

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One thought on “How your hobbies can free you

  1. I try to consider smiling and saying hello to passing strangers as a hobby! It *might* make them smile and that brings me a tiny ounce of fulfillment 🙂

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