There is Good all around us

This week has been a good one.  I’m not on vacation, I’m sitting on my couch strewn with markers, going on about 5 hours of sleep due to a terrible tummy issue of one very cute toddler, just finishing up reviewing emails to plan actions tomorrow at work when it’s nearing midnight, and I decided rather than sleep – I need to get out that this has been a pretty damn good week…

A kind woman let me go ahead of her in line when her cart was full and I had only a few items and that super cute toddler mentioned above with me again <3.  I had the pleasure of sitting with some colleagues today and engaged in a very open and respectful conversation, determined I could be helpful in another meeting today with a group that’s in need of a listening ear, and I giggled tonight with my daughter in a way I haven’t in quite awhile. And that was just today :).

There has been good every day so far this week, as I am noticing more, there is good in EACH and EVERY DAY…if we open our eyes and see it.

I am gratefully having an easier time seeing the various good all around me this week.

I, for good reason, need to close this rather short blog… as that super cute toddler is waking up in need of his Mama.   Until I type again… go out, see the good waiting for you!






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