About this blog and me…

First and foremost, I want this blog to be about connecting. Writing about real life –  the inspiration, struggles, joys, changes…all of it. I don’t want to pigeon hole this space into one kind of audience I’m trying to connect with – my brain doesn’t work that way, so why would my blog?!

I am sure there are many a template out there on successful blog About page I should follow – but I already have too many woulda, shoulda this and that going on in my mind, so this space is going to be protected from all of that and be a place that it’s OK to type my thoughts free of judgement and open to all comments and readers.

So you know a little bit about me, I identify myself as a Mom, working woman, friend, daughter, wife, thoughtful, stubborn, feisty, self-aware, ego-driven, impatient, forever and always curious, questioning everything person.  My two littles are my Little Lady 7-year-old daughter and Little Man baby boy.  We live in the Pocono area of Northeastern PA with our Little Crazy Dog.

Last, but not least … I love to paint and I write because it brings me a sense of calm.  I appreciate every word that’s read by my audience and hope to bring thought-provoking topics.